As a 10 year user of PostalMate, my favorite feature of PMTools is the Pro Invoice feature. It is so professional to hand a company an invoice for printing and/or shipping services. Using the Customer Sales report we easily find and award our top 10 clients! Powerful tools, friendly customer service and easy to use software, PMTools is a win, win, win!
Lee Levengood - Everything Printing & Shipping Center Bechtelsville, PA

Love the billing reconciliation! Can't say enough about it and how using it puts money back in my pocket!

Carrie Austin - Postal Center Plus, Inc.

El Cajon, CA

Great customer service.
Quickbooks sync tool is amazing, saves soooo much time!
Great job guys, Thanks!
-Kevin@PostalConnections Central PA

5 star rating!
I love PMTools from PIMS to Quickbook integration. Quickbook helps me import all of sales data and saves me precious time. PIMS has made my package management a breeze, most of all it cut down on our mistakes. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing new features! Thanks,
Mike Lee -AIM Mail Center #19

PM Tools has so many benefits to it. I will speak of just 3. (1) It really has cost me nothing each month I have used it. It will be 3 years this August. The CRT rental pays for the monthly PM Tools fee. (2) The CRT also brings in additional Income each month. (3) The PIMS feature for package check in has saved me $300.00 a year in fees to another provider of this service. Email notification is also a great benefit for box holders. So what are you waiting for? - Dennis Dayton - U-post Shipping Center Oceanside, Ca.

PMTools is a pivotal part of our business and has been for 4 years. With a great support team, the software offers versatility to handle MANY of your day to day operations – paying for itself! Lynae with Class Mail & Business Center
Much thanks
Lynae - 1st Class Mail

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