AIM Mail Centers Adds PMTools Software to Shipping and POS System
Wed, Dec 16, 2009
Irvine, CA AIM Mail Centers, a national group of business solution centers, has announced the selection of PMTools software from VSoftwareTools as an enhancement to the PostalMate Shipping and POS system provided by PCSynergy that is used by AIM Mail Centers nationwide.

This enhancement will help store Managers optimize their operations for increased cost and time efficiencies, while ensuring that their customers receive fast service and most favorable pricing.  In addition, it will enable the store managers to more quickly and efficiently process parcels for customers via any of the multiple carriers available at AIM Mail Centers.

"PMTools is a very innovative enhancement for the integrated shipping and POS systems that are the operational lifeblood of our stores," said Michael Sawitz, CEO of AIM Mail Centers.  "We look forward to implementing it Nationwide to bring additional value to both our franchisees and their customers."

The PMTools module will offer time savings and additional functionality for the company's store operators.  It includes several applications that will replace manual processes, multiple keystrokes and the use of programs like Excel.  These operations will now be done automatically and in real time.  An example is tracking how may UPS parcels at different levels of service are being processed each day, which will be displayed in a running tally on the POS system screen as opposed to requiring a manual tally or separate system for tracking.  Another example is a QuickBooks interface that will significantly streamline store accounting processes.  

"We are proud to be able to offer PMTools to the franchisees of AIM Mail Centers to assist them in their day-to-day operations," noted Don VonderBurg, President of VSoftwareTools, Inc.