VSoftwareTools acquires Postal Genie
Sun, May 1, 2016

VSoftwareTools, Inc., makers of PMTools, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Postal Genie software for an undisclosed sum.  “Postal Genie was a trailblazer in package notification services for private mailbox customers and we are excited to continue building on that legacy,” said Don VonderBurg, President of VSoftwareTools, Inc.

Postal Genie was the first package notification system built on Windows XP, a robust operating system in its day. “It’s been a challenge since Windows 7 to keep Postal Genie functioning properly without requiring extra user workarounds. Microsoft’s Windows 10 technology changes pushed us towards an end of life decision about Postal Genie application, so we reached out to VSoftwareTools rather than shut it down,” said Carl Borey, founder of Postal Genie. “We are confident our customers will be taken care of during this transition with VSoftwareTools excellent reputation in the Mail and Parcel Industry.”

While some software creators embrace and continue to sell older technologies and equipment for retail environments, most people agree it is best to move towards safety and security for the data entrusted to you by your customers. Vintage softwares on unsupported operating systems have serious security considerations and potential financial penalties, especially with PCI compliance exposure for the stores.  Cheapest is seldom the best route to choose for the duration.

“This acquisition is a great opportunity to add some new functionality to PMTools and bring Postal Genie users to current technologies,” said VonderBurg. “This is a win-win for our combined customer base.  We look forward to building new relationships and adding even more value to our current software service offerings.  We will be contacting Postal Genie clients soon after the transition is complete.”

Another recent feature added to PMTools PIMMS (Package Inventory & Mail Management Service) that Postal Genie customers will be introduced to when migrating to PMTools will be  support for Topaz HSB model signature pads.  Installing Topaz HSB signature pads for PIMMS immediately reduces consumption of 4x6 labels and does real time delivery signature searches.  VSoftwareTools is currently in development to support internet enabled smartphone & tablet devices for PIMMS.

Potential PMB customers frequently ask if store are able to notify them about items received. PMTools users report PMB rentals with an integrated notification system are more attractive to the customers. Customers do appreciate the time and money savings of not having to physically come in to check for mail and packages.

"PMTools PIMMS revolutionized our customer interactions,” said Charlie Bournis, owner of Office 11211 & 11206 in Brooklyn, NY, “every package is scanned & customers quickly notified items are ready to pickup. We don’t have to call them. PMTools saves us time and money on labor cost and misplaced packages.  Without PMTools PIMMS we’d still be in the stone age.”

PMTools PIMMS has managed more than 2.5 million package transactions for our members and their customers since 2012 with current average volume of 5,500 packages daily.

VSoftwareTools will continue email hosting support for customers using Postal Genie until a proper transition migration to PMTools is complete.   Current Postal Genie customers may contact VSoftwareTools, Inc. at 800-778-4078 or by email to

PMTools bolt-on software has been saving PostalMate users time and money since 2008