VSoftwareTools Launches Package Inventory Management System
Fri, Aug 3, 2012

VSoftwareTools Inc., a leading provider of business technology services for the mail and parcel industry now includes the integrated Package Inventory Mail & Management System (PIMMS) as a major upgrade to PMTools 5.0. The addition of PIMMS to PMTools means users no longer need to choose between a standalone package management system and profit managing PMTools. “Users who switch can save $300 a year or more with integrated PIMMS now included in PMTools at no extra cost, with unlimited PMB clients, unlimited packages, and zero setup costs,” says Don VonderBurg, President of VSoftwareTools Inc. “PIMMS is fast, integrated, intuitive, very affordable, secure, easy to learn and operate and will save our subscribers time and money! The more PMB clients a store has, the more time and money they will save.”

“PIMMS' direct connection to your PostalMate database provides current information without import or export.” VonderBurg said, “Nobody else has that!” PIMMS includes email notification to regular and SMS addresses. Setup is fast: choose your 4x6 tag printer and edit the outbound email template if needed. Package and signature tags will print correctly, time after time, no messy drivers. PIMMS is flexible and allows you to enter as little as a PMB number and a tracking number, or as much as complete package documentation: recipient, sender, separate note fields for internal and customer use, package type and tracking number. PIMMS recognizes most national and regional tracking number algorithms and provides the carrier as well when the tracking number is scanned.

Package tags print as soon as each item is staged with data to accurately match the tag to the package and quickly organize & find packages with large PMB numbers visible from two sides. PIMMS accepts check-ins from multiple PostalMate stations at the same time, staged items update in real time across the network giving staff the opportunity to correct data entry errors before notifications are sent and signature tags print from any station. Your PMB customers will be electronically notified about their delivery after signature tags are generated. PIMMS consolidates up to 15 packages for a single PMB client on a single signature tag and more tags print as needed. Customers appreciate signing once for multiple deliveries. “This is big, this is REALLY REALLY BIG! You guys are saving us even more money!” exclaimed Michael Beren, owner of Mr. Parcel stores in Allen and Plano, Texas, when he test drove the system at RS Expo in August, 2012. PIMMS package checkout process is fast and painless too! Enter a PMB number or scan a package tag to display all items in current inventory for the PMB. In the event the PMB customer is not able to take everything, PIMS reprints another signature tag for items still in inventory, sends a reminder email and continues to accrue days in custody. VonderBurg explained, “Users told us repeatedly ‘we need good, fast, easy-to-use package management; add package management and we’ll get PMTools.’ We heard them loud and clear and added PIMMS to PMTools!”

PIMMS Management tab provides a nutshell view of current inventory items; filters allow access to historical data and statistics. Staff can reprint signature or package tags and can quickly send reminder emails for items still in inventory beyond a user selected time period. Our process improvement management background, added with our small business knowledge, helps our team identify relevant technology building blocks to support small business growth and profitability.

VSoftwareTools creates solutions to fit the small business needs, budget and release schedule. Our team’s background experience consists of small business owners as well as individuals with corporate technology giants experience; this diversity allows us to bring skill sets and knowledge to the small business entrepreneur. We pride ourselves on bringing experience and knowledge afforded normally to Fortune 500 companies to the small business at an affordable small business price.